We can assist you in respect of a range of housing matters including:

  • over-crowding
  • disrepair
  • statutory nuisance
  • possession proceedings
  • judicial review
  • noise nuisance
  • unlawful eviction


We can help you with a very wide range of problem housing situations such as: faulty heating or boiler, lack of heating or hot water, electrical problems, plumbing problems, burst pipes, defective roofs, faulty drains, broken down pipes, water penetration, flooding, mould infestation, asthma, excessive coughs and colds, eczema, stress, distress, personal injury, cracks, structural movement, leaking roof, draughty windows, insect infestation, cockroaches, ants, vermin, mice infestation, faulty doors, difficulties heating, damaged property or possessions, floorboard gaps, damp patches, noisy neighbours, thin walls, lack of insulation and inadequate ventilation.


We are a solicitors practice with many years experience of dealing with housing matters. We enjoy the advantage of being fully regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and we have required indemnity insurance for the peace of mind of our clients. We have experience of dealing with clients from a very wide range of countries and backgrounds. We realise how worrying and stressful housing matters can be, and we therefore adopt a sympathetic and client-focused approach to all our work in this field.


We do not offer Legal Help or legal aid for housing work. If you would like to explore the possibility of being assisted on a Legal Help or legal aid basis,

you should consult a solicitor who offers legal aid. We act for clients on a private basis. With housing disrepair cases, we may be able to act for you on

a NO WIN NO FEE BASIS. If you have legal expenses insurance, we will be happy to explore how we can assist you under your policy.  For fee paying clients, we usually offer fixed fee charges, so that you are reassured as to your total costs liability. We also offer, low-cost, discount or affordable hourly payment rates. A distinctive feature of our payment system is that we offer payment by instalments in cases of genuine hardship. Further, you can ask us to work to a costs budget, which we will not exceed without your prior permission.

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If you have a housing matter which you would like to discuss initially – without committing yourself to proceed – please take advantage of our low cost consultation service.

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